Hi, my animals lovers friends

I want to start with my thought sentence

"When be the killer looked from the eyes of his victim, he would never not killing".

My name is Goran Grujin.

I am an animal rescue activist in my home country Serbia.
In the name of the animals on which cruel crimes are committed in my country, I am on my way from Serbia to Brussels.
I want to ask for help to end the crimes against animals in my country.
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In the past 12 years the budget funds of municipalities and taxpayers have been stolen under the false care of abandoned dogs.

The law obliges municipalities to establish shelters for so-called strays, abandoned dogs and cats or those born on the street.
Within communal public companies, where mostly abandoned animals are housed, which should have a humane character, which is not the case, dogs are housed in small and inadequate cages, which in most cases are overcrowded with dogs and turned into collection centers for imprisonment, torture and elimination. has reached the scale of genocide.
In municipalities where shelters are open, the image is gloomy and unworthy of humanity and humanity towards living beings that we call man's best friend, I wonder when they could say whether people could call us the same?

However, in many municipalities, shelters are never open!
Those responsible for disobeying the law have never been punished!
They are justified by the lack of funds.
At the same time, they are allocating huge sums of money to pay for illegal zoo-hygienic services as well as dog catchers, who allegedly take dogs to their collection center, the only one for over 50 municipalities with which they have contracts, and where dogs disappear.

Money from the budgets of local governments and taxpayers is spent for no purpose and put in the pockets of private companies, such as Avenija MB (registered cleaning shop), Aza, which have declared themselves experts in this type of work, although the law is explicit that zoo-hygiene must perform zoo-hygiene services that are organized on the territory of the local self-government unit and not for local self-governments to hire private companies because the law does not even provide for that, while local self-governments organize illegal tenders where illegal zoo-hygiene services and private companies win rigged and illegal tenders which we have a well-founded suspicion that it is an illegal acquisition of financial benefit at the expense of innocent living beings as well as taxpayers.


MB Avenue contracts and local governments - a gross violation of the law

Apatin, Aleksandrovac, Alibunar, Arandjelovac, Arilje, Bac, Bajina Basta, Banatski Karlovac, Batocina, Bela Crkva, Bela Palanka, Beocin, Boljevac, Bujanovac, Valjevo, Velika Plana, Veliko Gradiste, Vladicin Han, Vranje, Vrnjacka Banja, Golubac, Gornji Milanovac, Dimitrovgrad, Despotovac, Doljevac, Lazarevac, Lebane, Ivanjica, Kladovo, Knjazevac, Kraljevo, Kursumlija, Lucani, Mali Zvornik, Majdanpek, Medvedja, Negotin, Novi Pazar, Opovo, Paracin, Pecinci, Petrovac na Mlavi, Plandiste, Sjenica , Smederevska Palanka, Sokobanja, Surdulica, Svilajnac, Svrljig, Temerin, Titel, Topola, Trstenik, Tutin, Cicevac, Cacak, ………
This is not a list of Serbian municipalities, this is a list of municipalities that have bypassed legal regulations and concluded illegal contracts with the private company Avenue MB.

Article 66 of the Law on Animal Welfare: " The body of the local self-government unit is obliged to provide shelter if there are abandoned animals on its territory ."

By concluding illegal contracts with a private company hundreds of kilometers away, the "shelter" was not "provided", but state money was irresponsibly spent, with a gross violation of the law.

You can read a lot about MB Avenue itself. 
You can also watch videos, documentation of witnesses, citizens and associations. In the APR, you can read whose company it is and for which jobs it is registered. You can look at the tenders that Avenue MB always wins, even though the conditions given in the documentation are not precise, and they are not complete, and it is about millions.

Looking for information about MB Avenue, you will not find that the company is registered to collect abandoned animals on the entire territory of Serbia, nor will you find that somewhere it says that only they can win the tender , but in practice you will see that this is exactly what is happening. Insight into the capacity of the shelter of MB Avenue in Novo Selo, you will understand that there is no place for all dogs picked up throughout Serbia. You will read a lot of ugly, a lot of illegal, a lot of cruel to the extent that you will wonder what happened to us so no one reacts and prevents the evil that is being done. And it's working. And it is financed with taxpayers' money. 
You will also come across the fact that dogs are transported hundreds of kilometers away from the places where they are caught, and that every trace of them is lost there, but that is why new dogs are appearing en masse in the territories of other municipalities. You can read and watch videos from the spot about how MB Avenue works. 
For example, in a tin box with a capacity for 3 dogs, more than 15 dogs were crammed. Transport is carried out in various weather and atmospheric conditions that do not ensure the welfare of the animal, the individuals are not veterinary processed during capture. Epidemiologically , it is completely unacceptable , because there is no data on the health condition of the captured animals, and therefore also on infectious and other diseases that spread in this way throughout the entire territory of Serbia. Besides,dogs in unfamiliar environments, brought in from hundreds of miles away, potentially pose a danger of being aggressive . 
Especially because they are under stress due to the capture, driving and treatment they have undergone, and additionally if they are injured, sick, hungry, thirsty.
The sums that are allocated every year are bigger and bigger, which means that thissystem of cooperation of local self-governments with MB Avenue does not solve the problem of the number of abandoned animals. 

The number of municipalities involved in these dubious deals is increasing, which means that there are more and more municipalities that do not respect the laws of RS and that easily dispose of state money.
Not to be outdone, solving problems while spending budget money, by concluding contracts with MB Avenue, Aza or any other company that does not comply with the law and where it is not excluded that the suspension of the work of some will create a new "private entrepreneur" who will illegally spending budget money to see a nice income for yourself is not a solution but just multiplying the problem.

Our position is that it is necessary to urgently suspend the work of MB Avenue , but also that it is necessary to put pressure on local governments to comply with legal regulations and, as institutions whose obligation is to enforce the law, to act in accordance with the law., and primarily comply with their legal obligation to provide shelters for abandoned animals on their territory. In addition, local governments are obliged to promote the law through responsible ownership, and in addition to punishing irresponsible owners who leave and evict adults, whole litters, mothers with babies or, in a milder version, release uncastrated males freely on the street "to relieve themselves", local governments should to provide free sterilization and castration, throughout the year, so that all maturing individuals are included in the program, and owners are allowed to sterilize / castrate their dogs and cats before they find themselves in a situation to throw the litter, illegally, on the street.

Our suggestion to local governments, but also to associations for the protection of animals in the same or the nearest territory, if there is no association in the settlement, is that cooperation must be established. In most cases, there is no cooperation and mutual understanding between local governments and associations.

Mostly due to the fact that it is not recognized that associations essentially and according to the legal definition do the work of local self-governments where self-governments do not work properly, with the associations working with their own money with possible voluntary contributions from citizens, while local governments dispose of budget money in a way that best illustrates the illegal conclusion of contracts with various avenues and the lack of control over the work of city shelters. In order to solve the problem of abandoned animals has a reasonable and lasting effect, it is necessary to observe the following:

local self-governments are obliged to provide shelters if they have abandoned animals on their territory, with a "no kill" policy, ie with a policy of adoption and re-adoption,

free sterilization / castration and chipping programs , both in cities and villages, for abandoned and owned animals,

- programs of education of citizens on responsible ownership ,

cooperation with animal protection associations,

advertising of captured animals for adoption, which must be preceded by veterinary treatment of the individual, sterilization / castration, chipping and socialization, which is most effectively provided by hiring volunteers

- establishment of information centers for pets (with a database of chipped animals ) in order to consolidate responsible ownership

The funds of all taxpayers are earmarked for this purpose, regardless of whether or not they are animal lovers, whether they want to help or are indifferent to the misery and suffering of other individuals. 
No "additional" funds are needed, local governments are already receiving them,
 so there is no mention of the impossibility of realizing a rational reduction in the number of abandoned animals, but it is all a matter of good will, honest intentions and legal functioning.

I'm walking on this route for animal rights in my country and you can support my walk and be part of this journey on the way

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