What we need are contacts within the EU, especially in Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Contacts to media, car rental companies, people who can offer me overnight stays and food & beverage, companies who offer printouts of info material and posters, people who will stay with me in prominent places to inform the crowd what is going totally wrong with all the stray dogs - either in Serbia or wherever.
And so on and so forth. It cannot be managed short-term, for sure. But this will not stop the mission.
So I kindly ask all of you to help me on my ,,WALK FOR HAPPY BARK" finding supporters as described and forward the contacts to.
Thank you!


I call you animal activist to contact me for project "WALK FOR HAPPY BARK" how to be together speack for those who no have voice.

Good morning dear friends,

I returned to Serbia and this is the picture that greeted me on my way home.

This is just one picture I watch live every day, and I know it doesn't have to be that way. I can no longer stand it and just such a situation has contributed to the deterioration of my health, harassment of my whole family as well as other people who have empathy for animals.

So I went on this trip hoping to reach my goal, despite the fact that I knew this was almost impossible to do completely alone with all my health problems (Diabetes, high blood pressure, thickened left ventricle) despite all this my wish is was stronger than reality.

I went on this trip on foot, comparing myself to street dogs that are alone in the fight to survive every day. Their survival is impossible without the help of us humans as well as mine without you.

That is why I invite all of you who want to be the voice of those who do not have it, to join me and help me reach the goal I started for animal rights in Serbia and beyond.